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happy dog

A Peaceful Household: How to Raise Dogs and Cats Together

Pets are great. Their unconditional love and companionship chase away feelings of loneliness and sadness. Often, they can even sense your emotional state and do their best to showcase that you are not alone. Playing with them is also therapeutic, encouraging physical activity, and relieving

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happy dog

Why Welcome a Second Dog into Your Home

Bringing another dog in your home can be quite an easy decision to make. This is true if you think you can handle the added responsibility to your plate. If you are a millennial, then it makes absolute sense to want a new playmate for

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finding bedbugs

Getting Rid of Bedbugs 101

Bedbugs and home are two words you wouldn’t want to hear in the same sentence, especially if it’s talking about your home. The thing is, if in case you do get them, they can be very difficult to completely get rid of. That being said, don’t worry–here’s

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